2022 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy Resources and Environment Engineering (ICAESEE 2022)
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Keynote Speakers

The first keynote speaker is Prof. Xiaomin Kang, from University of South China, to proudly present the speech, the title of report is: Iron and Boron-doped Carbonized Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts for Al-Air Batteries


The second keynote speaker is A. Prof. Jia Wen, from Hunan University, to make the third keynote speech, her title of report is: Chromium Remediation Strategies: from Water to Soil


The third keynote speaker is A. Prof. Razif Harun, from Universiti Putra Malaysia, to proudly present the speech, the title of report is: Bioprospecting of microalgal biomass for high-value products


The fourth keynote speaker is Prof. I.Neethi Manickam, from Anna University, India, to make the fourth keynote speech,the title of report is: Renewable Energy - Hydrogen production from biomass – Bio hydrogen


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